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How is a home valued?

How is your home valued? If you are looking to sell or let out your property and have contacted estate agents, chances are the first thing you are offered is a full property valuation. But how do agents determine the price of your property?The main aspects used to determine the price are the location, the size and comparable local prices. These however, are not the only aspects and there will be other...

The average house price rose £3,000 in May

House prices have continued to soar across the UK with the average property price now sitting at £261,743. The month of May saw a huge increase of 1.3%, with an overall rise of 9.5% when compared to the same month in 2020. These figures average at a year-on-year price increase of £22,000 and £3,000 for the month of May alone. The housing market is now at its strongest position since August 2014 and...

House Prices to rise 4% in January – Rightmove Predicts

The UK’s biggest property portal ‘Rightmove’ have weighed in with their opinions on the 2021 Housing Market, predicting a 4% rise next year. Experts have been divided on how the market will go in the coming 12 months, with 2020 seeing an incredible 7% rise in prices despite the coronavirus pandemic. The Stamp Duty Holiday has undoubtedly contributed to this rise, with prices and sales soaring as...

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