2021 Housing

The Stamp Duty Rules – Explained

What are the current Rules surrounding stamp Duty? When the coronavirus pandemic first hit in early 2020, the chancellor announced the 'Stamp Duty Holiday' to encourage people to continue purchasing property during the uncertain time. This went down very well with house buyers and the market continued to boom throughout. After nearly a full year of savings, the Stamp Duty holiday was due to end in March...

House Prices to rise 4% in January – Rightmove Predicts

The UK’s biggest property portal ‘Rightmove’ have weighed in with their opinions on the 2021 Housing Market, predicting a 4% rise next year. Experts have been divided on how the market will go in the coming 12 months, with 2020 seeing an incredible 7% rise in prices despite the coronavirus pandemic. The Stamp Duty Holiday has undoubtedly contributed to this rise, with prices and sales soaring as...

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