Dodgy landlords need to be aware that they need to get their game in order!  The Government has now issued the ability for local authorities to fine landlords for criminal offenses up to £30,000. This new legislation has been created as an attempt to weed out criminal landlords. An additional £2m funding has been made available to help local authorities punish criminal landlords.

For a landlord to effectively manage their properties they have to follow a host of legislation. These rules have been put in place to keep both the landlord and the tenant safe. However, a recent news investigation on the ITV news established that unfit landlords are continuing to let out properties, despite being ordered not to do so.

These criminal landlords are referred to as “rogue landlords”. The government has created a database that lists all of the registered rogue landlords. However, the database has not been updated efficiently and has not been available for the public to search.

The additional £2m funding has been put in place so that councils have more power to convict rogue landlords. Their aim is to pinpoint and fix insufficient homes and bring them up to standard. The councils are urged to forge strong relationships with other authorities to ensure that criminal landlords are highlighted.

  • According to the Residential Landlords Association (RLA), the funding will be used for:
  • Help tenants take action against poor standards of housing
  • Share best practice of enforcement action
  • Build relationships with authorities such as emergency services, legal services, and local housing advocates
  • Develop digital solutions to make decisions quicker by efficiently sharing data

Furthermore, as of April 2018, the Government has issued “banning orders” so that landlords who are convicted offenses can be banned from letting out properties for a specific amount of time. These banning orders span 12months up to a life ban, depending on the severity of the conviction.