Just yesterday UK Ministers unveiled new Housing Court proposals to speed up landlord and tenant justice. The new proposal has been developed to allow both landlords and tenants to achieve much faster and more effective justice.

The new proposals are great news for families and vulnerable tenants who live in fear of being forced to leave their homes.  The idea is that settling property disputes will be faster and much more straightforward when the new courts come into effect.

A New Specialist Housing Court

The new specialist housing court has been designed so that both landlords and tenants have somewhere to turn to when settling disputes. This will provide a single point of contact and step by step path for both landlords and tenants to gain advice and support. These new plans have been created in response to the Government’s vow to deliver more effective justice.

Although the vast majority of landlords provide suitable accommodation and support to their tenants, there is still a minority that do not. Therefore tenants that live in fear of being evicted by their landlord, will have security when the New Specialist Housing Court is put into effect. Furthermore, the laws regarding new HMO room sizes and other regulations designed to protect tenants will be better regulated with the new court in place.

How it Works Now

Currently, housing disputes are held in third-party locations in a wide variety of legal settings. This can be overwhelming and unnecessarily confusing for both parties. It is especially daunting for those who are vulnerable and require justice quickly

All in All

The new Specialist Housing Court sounds like an honorable proposition to safeguard both landlords and tenants. Providing security and support to those who should be able to live in a suitable home without the fear of it being taken away suddenly. Thus, allowing tenants the freedom to voice their concerns about their home without fear of any backlash.  Finally, the new court will help landlords who (on rare occasions) find it difficult to reclaim their property from a tenant.  The new proposals seem like a good idea to ensure a streamlined process for those who are in need of justice.

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