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Estate & Lettings Agent Marlow

Over the last 25 years, Hunter Ashley has amassed a wealth of data about the communities, villages, and outlying neighborhoods that make up the home counties and London, including Marlow.

No worries about the hassles that come with renting a home – we’ll take care of everything, from visits to inspections to inventories. We’ll even take care of legal notifications so you can truly be at peace.

Do you want to relocate? To explore all of Hunter Ashley’s properties in Marlow, go here. To support you in just about any manner possible, the Hunter Ashley team is constantly on call. Get in touch with one of our agents through the phone or in-person to learn more about finding the house of your dreams.

Sell Your Home in Marlow

Hunter Ashley will make selling a home or house in Marlow a breeze.

With our 25 years of helping people in Marlow sell their homes, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering a fair and transparent service that ensures all price issues are addressed directly so we can keep your house selling process seamless and straightforward. There’s no doubt about it: selling your house and moving away can be a tense moment for the whole family. Since our crew is professionally and effectively trained, we are able to get you moved in and adjusted with a minimal amount of stress and effort.

Every day of the week, Hunter Ashley will be available for you with full dedication and fairly comprehensive service.

HMO Valuations in Marlow

In an HMO, which stands for House in Multiple Occupation, more than one individual shares common areas. An excellent example is student housing, where residents share common spaces such as the kitchen and living room. Students can rent apartments or rooms in these houses.

Renting an HMO is more complicated than renting a home since it involves a number of other important protocols and permissions. We could, for example, assist with the following:

  • Tenant security that the landlord can provide.
  • The owner’s inspection schedule, including the frequency and duration of the inspections.
  • Verifying that all electrical appliances are working properly.
  • Ensuring that the area is pest-free.
  • Necessary repair or maintenance work required within or beyond the contract period.
  • Household deposits.

At Hunter Ashley, we can provide you with the required assessments so that you can lease an HMO property. When you hire us, we will help you boost the number of interested parties and take care of the legal side of the process with a lot of competence. We will provide the highest quality of service and obtain the best possible outcomes.

Based on what works best for you, you can request a valuation in person or remotely, owing to the excellent technology advancements we utilise on a daily basis.

Selling, purchasing, and maintaining real estate can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be! With Hunter Ashley’s assistance, you can bid farewell to all the anxiety and enjoy an unparalleled degree of peace and relaxation as we guide you with every step of the journey, no matter what you require assistance with.

Get in touch with a friendly member of our team today to find out more how we can be your new estate & lettings provider in Marlow

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